School Tuition Fees for 2024

Registration fee P200.00
Forms 1-2 P9 100/term
Forms 3-4 P10 300./term
Forms 5 P13 100/term
PTA Fund P100.00 per term

*External Examination Fees (IGCSE Final year) are included in the tuition fees (Form 5 only).

Fees Payment Schemes
Parents can choose one of the following:
1. Pay the full amount at the beginning of the term
2. Pay per term in advance
3. Pay in three monthly instalments per term as per the Fees Payment Agreement Form.
(Download The School Prospectus for more information on payment plans)

Students will not be allowed to attend classes in any term if fees for the preceding term are not fully paid.

Fees for term three of Form 5 must be completely paid up before the start of the external examinations.

Examination fees for the October/November IGCSE exams must be paid before the end of June.

Any student who owes school fees for term 2 of form five or who has not paid the examination fees in full by the end of June will not be entered for the October/November IGCSE.

A person who pays the full years’ school fees in advance will be eligible for a 5% discount.

When a sibling of a student joins the school, they are eligible for a 25% discount provided both siblings are students of this school at the same time. A third sibling will be given a 30% discount, provided all 3 siblings are attending this school at the same time. If one sibling then leaves, the discount will no longer be in effect. The discount will be applicable to the youngest sibling only.

*Disclaimer: While we make every effort to maintain the web site to ensure the accuracy of fees, fees are subject to change without notice.

Admissions procedures 

Applicants for admission in any form must submit

1) A complited application/registration form
2) A copy of an official identity document (birth certificate or I.D.).
3) Latest school report from previous school
4) A copy of any official examinations taken
5) Transfer/release letter from previous school if transfering in mid-course.
6) A recent passport photo

Applicants will be required to attend an interview at the school. They may also be required to sit for an entrance examination. The final decision about whether to accept a pupil into the school rests with the School Head and the professional staff, and is also dependent on vacancies being available.


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